Precision metalworking

Ciriè Turin

Experience, professionalism and process technologies applied in the processing of iron sheet metal,
aluminium and stainless steel, to satisfy demanding customers who demand a capable and reliable partner.


Located in Ciriè, Turin’s first north belt, BM LASER is a modern precision mechanical carpentry, with a lean structure and organized by processes, constantly stretched to the research and application of the most advanced production technologies.
BM Laser is a certified company,in both the quality management model and for welding processes, with advanced experience in flat (2D) laser cutting, tube laser, punching, bending, welding, assembly mechanical groups and sheet treatment.
Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art machinery and plants, together with the expertise of highly qualified resources and a wide range of services offered, BM LASER in Turin is active on different Product lines ranging from the industry industrial, automotive, aeronautics,  military , nautical , food, pharmaceutical, ecological sector for water filtration in compliance with specifications that refer to rules, regulations and certifications (structural uses), to that (lifts, canopies, billboards, motorway signs, railway stations), including that of Design with creations that will please the wishes of established architectural firms and designers working in theCivil furniture of the Interior and Exterior Design.

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